Notes of interest

The firm

Diez de Bonilla, Kuri y Asociados, S.C. is a law firm established since 1985, specialized in labor law representing the employer sector.

Basically we provide our services seeking for the harmony on the labor relations inside of a company, preventing any labor conflicts and avoiding penalties by the Labor Authority.



José Antonio Diez de
Bonilla Altamirano

Founding Partner

Alfredo Kuri Monterrubio

Founding Partner


Raymundo Calva Merino


Noemi Weil Borg


Luis Diez de Bonilla Martínez


Roxana Ruz Carrillo


Areas Of Practice

Our services are provided directly arranging regular visits to our clients. Therefore we will obtain awareness of the organization and operation, identifying situations that may involve violations to the labor dispositions or defects in labor - management relations and that could generate liability.

Likewise we organize round tables to address new issues of interest and that may involve or affect the human resource of our clients, consulting about all concerns and establishing guidelines to follow according to the Mexican Labor Law. The areas where we are specialized are the following:

Employment Agreements
Termination of Employment
Employee Benefits
Profit Sharing
Health and Safety
Workplace Regulations
Training and Instruction
Collective Labor Agreements


Our ideal is always to prevent and avoid any labor liability. That is the reason we advise our clients regarding the documentation and provisions to be fulfilled to avoid any claim or suit from/at the Labor Authorities.

While a claim, complaint or inspection by or against the labor authorities is often unpredictable, what we can prevent is the imposition of a penalty regarding a labor dispute, this requires proper advice and preparation of necessary documentation, in order to fulfill with labor regulations.

Therefore, any claim or suit taken to the labor authorities around the entire Mexican Republic, Ministries of Labor and Social Security or Federal and Local Boards of Conciliation and Arbitration, Ministries of Defense of Labor, Bureau of Labor DF or any federal entity can be represented by our firm.

For this we have an excellent group of attorneys and law clerks with extensive experience and knowledge of the litigation in labor law, having presence at each and every one of the authorities who impart justice in labor law all around the country and likewise, for the purpose of providing a better service to our clients, we have alliances with prestigious law firms located in the states of Jalisco, Nuevo León, Tabasco, Quintana Roo, Baja California, Puebla, among others.

We also have extensive experience in disputes that may arise with the unions in charge of representing and protecting the worker rights, with great presence and relationship with the union leaders all over the country, which is possible because they consider us a firm that always is aiming to lead a harmonious relationship with workers.

Our Clients

We have over 300 clients around the country prestigious companies that have remained and have been grateful for our services for over 30 years.

We have clients from private industry dedicated to all types of industry such as Telecommunications, Food Chain Restaurants, Social Clubs, Editors, Universities and Schools, Television Broadcasters, Production Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Natural Gas, Construction, Real Estate Developers, Department Stores, Private Security and Service and Trade Providers of all kinds, as well as associations and foundations dedicated to private assistance.

We also have regular clients of the public sector, letting us participate in national projects with companies that are part of the Federal Public Administration.


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